The presence of commercial fryers completes any type of hospitality establishment. Even with the emphasis on healthy eating today, frying goodies from fish and chips, fries, chicken, etc make commercial fryers an essential cooking tool for all types of restaurants.

Options such as high-quality cooking oils and modern frying methods have made food healthier and tastier. Yet, the challenge for many restaurant owners is investing in the best commercial fryers. The task may be a bit challenging but can be done with good research.


The different types of commercial fryers


The different types of commercial gas deep fryers available today ensure getting the right one for your needs and budget. Understanding the features of the different commercial fryers is the smartest way to invest in the right one.

Commercial Gas Fryers

A gas line or a gas tank can make commercial gas fryers more mobile than their electric counterpart. Commercial gas fryers offer an affordable option when you already have an existing gas line. However, they require more maintenance and could be tricky to run. It should also be remembered that an important safety precaution is to have them installed professionally.

Commercial Countertop Fryers

Small restaurants benefit from the space-saving feature of commercial countertop fryers. They also do well with restaurants that do not heavily cater to deep-fried menus. The economic but powerful performance provided by commercial countertop fryers makes them perennial favourites of market stalls and food trucks.

Commercial Electric Fryers

Multiple advantages are provided by commercial electric fryers compared to other types of fryers. For one thing, they transfer heat efficiently and offer fast recovery times. The fast recovery allows higher food portions to be served. They provide faster oil heating; yet, generate less heat in any kitchen area. They are a greener option because they need less maintenance while providing cooking efficiency.

However, they also have drawbacks such as higher electricity costs and not being portable.

Commercial Standing Fryers

Hospitality businesses that require daily high-volume food-frying preparation will do well with commercial standing fryers. The daily and constant demands are met by the customised controls provided by standing fryers. Fast-food restaurants opt for this type of fryer as cooking oil life is extended with the filtration system provided by the fryers. The filtration system also helps to improve the taste of fried foods.


Choosing the Best Commercial Fryers


The varied features that make a commercial fryer one of the best include:

Brand name

Brand name plays a crucial role in the choice of a commercial fryer. While branded fryers are more expensive, an informed decision is achieved with their array of different models. Branded fryers typically offer parts and experienced technicians to help maintain the optimum condition of your fryer. Their after-sales service and customer service are also better than unknown brands.

Excellent temperature control

A fryer is considered an excellent choice when it offers both varied cooking temperatures for different foods and varied smoke points for different oils and fats. Unappetising, greasy, and soggy fried foods are the end product of fryers lacking high heat. Oils can also become bitter and burned with fryers that only offer high heat settings.

The right size

The size and volume of frying food is the best thing to consider when it comes to choosing the best fryer. The kitchen process becomes a seamless operation when food portions are accommodated by the chosen fryer.



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