Whether you are buying a new vehicle, looking for a new roof rack, or just wondering what is an ARB roof rack, there are a few things you should know.

Full-length vs 3/4-length

Choosing a full length or 3/4 length ARB roof rack is a matter of personal preference. Typically, a full length roof rack will cover most of the roof of your 4×4. This will increase the surface area that you can use for storage and mounting accessories. You may also want to consider mounting a rooftop tent on the rack.

The main reason for installing a rack is to add storage and transportation capabilities. The size of the rack can be determined by the manufacturer. Some racks are designed to be flat, while others are basket style. These are easier to mount to your 4×4’s roof.

ARB roof racks are manufactured from either aluminum or steel. Aluminum is slightly more expensive to produce, but is a much lighter weight. It can also help reduce road noise and MPG.

There are many different types of ARB roof racks. Some are designed to accommodate a wide range of vehicles. You can also get a rack that is specifically designed for your 4×4 model.

Side-mount vs dovetail

Choosing between a side-mount and dovetail ARB roof rack is a decision that will make a difference in your loading and mounting needs. Dovetail systems offer a quick and easy accessory attachment system. This system also offers an infinite number of layout options.

Aside from being simple to use, the dovetail system is also user-friendly. It is a groove on the outer edge of cross beams that allows for the easy attachment of accessories. This feature also makes it possible to remove accessories without snagging or causing damage to cargo.


Designed for aerodynamics, the ARB BASE roof rack is a lightweight platform with a flat surface. It is a low profile rack that can be customized to fit your vehicle’s needs.

The ARB BASE system is designed with a dovetail-style attachment system, which makes mounting accessories easier. The BASE is designed to fit a wide range of 4×4 vehicles. The rack can be mounted closer to the vehicle’s roof, or closer to the center of the vehicle. The system can be adjusted to fit a wide range of accessories, and it is compatible with other brand’s accessories.

ARB is known for producing innovative products for off-road vehicles. Their new BASE roof rack system is no exception. It uses dovetail-style attachments, which allow for easy installation and removal of accessories. The rack’s design is simple and secure, and it can be fitted with a deflector.

ARB Flat Rack

Designed to be a perfect fit for many applications, the ARB Flat Roof Rack is a versatile accessory. It can safely mount rooftop tents, jerry cans, canoes, and other bulky items.

These racks are available in a variety of sizes. For example, the 79″ x 98″ model includes an LED strip light kit. They also come with a floor and mosquito netting. These roof racks are available in both steel and aluminum.

ARB roof racks are made to withstand the most demanding conditions. The company produces roof racks for both commercial and leisure applications. These racks are designed to accommodate full roof load capacities, while minimizing additional height.

ARB flat roof racks feature a low profile design that sits close to the roof. The flat platform provides practicality and strength. The rack is backed by a 3-year unlimited miles warranty. It is also available in a light weight aluminum alloy.

The ARB flat roof rack is designed to fit most vehicles. It is a heavy-duty, low profile rack that can safely mount 330 pounds. It features a sleek, minimal design that is finished in millennium gray powder coat. It is constructed to strict quality standards and includes mounting hardware.

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